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Bank500 (mixed notes)
Bank500 (MG - RM)
Bank500 (UV - RM5)
Bank500 (UV - SGD)



Cheque writer

How to operate
How to change ink roller

Finger Scan model: A7

How to apply Leave
How to set OT
How to download attendance records
How to use User Account and database
How to set Shifts & Holidays
How to add Company, Department and Employee data
How to install A7 software

Finger Scan model: A8

How to download reports
How to use Shift Setting
How to use Attendance Setting
Registration on A8 machine

Finger Scan model: Biomini II

Download All reports in biomini II
How to upload shift setting in biomini II
How to register fingers in biomini II
How to fill in Staff Information in biomini 2

Finger Scan model: BiominiVII

Real Time download data and Monitoring(2)
Real Time Download and Monitoring in biomini 7
How to clear, backup data and restore in biomini 7
Useful Reports in biomini 7
Download data from USB disk in biomini 7 software
Download data from biomini 7 using TCP/IP cable
Shifts and Schedules Setting in biomini 7
How to set Department and Staff information in biomini 7
How to install biomini 7 software

Finger Scan model: Biomini II

How to set working intervals and schedules in biomini 2
How to download Attend Setting and Shift Setting in biomini II
How to upload user file into biomini II
How to download user file in biomini II

Time Recorder

How to change Ribbon

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